Feel fresh every day while living sweat and worry free.
As a trusted world leader for top of the line skin, hair and body products,
we offer a range of clinical-strength solutions to treat and prevent excessive sweating and other skin, hair and body conditions.
Why do I sweat?
You have four million sweat glands..

What is Hyperhydrosis?
By the time you commute to your job, you are drenched in sweat...

What can I do about it?

What products do I need?

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Captain Allan Koehler
Airline Pilot, Calgary, Alberta

"Klima Bonedri keeps me dry and fresh from take-off in Vancouver to touch down in Halifax. " more ...

Julie DiNardo
RDH, Gleam Smile Centre, Hamilton, Ontario

"BoneDri gives me the confidence of knowing odor or wetness will not be a problem..." more ...

Sylvia Baccega
Small Business Advisor, Ancaster, ON

"I have been hooked on Bone-Dri from the time I first used it!" more ...

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